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Even with the evolution of wireless alerting systems, most hospitals still call Code alerts through their overhead paging system to ensure their Code and Rapid Response teams receive these critical notifications. Save precious seconds and eliminate confusion by implementing a Torrence Automated Code Blue / Code Pink


Rapid Response Public Address (PA) solution. Torrence can capture any Code alert from your Responder nurse call system and immediately broadcast a professional, clear, and concise Code announcement through your overhead paging system.

Utilizing an advanced text-to-speech engine, we capture Code alerts from the nurse call system and automatically broadcast area and room-specific Code announcements over your existing PA system almost immediately after the Code button is pushed.  Save precious seconds by forgoing the common manual public address broadcast by your phone system operator, who is already juggling other important tasks. A Torrence Automated Code System directs staff TO THE EXACT LOCATION of the Code Blue/Pink/Rapid Response event so your appropriate Medical Response Team can quickly administer the proper care without delay.

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