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Save Precious Seconds With Immediate And Clear Pre-recorded Or Text-to-Speech Public Address Announcements

Add clarity and consistency to your regularly repeated announcements and severe weather emergency alerts with a digital message repeater solution. Automated message repeaters record, store, and playback routinely repeated voice announcements. Messages can be professionally recorded and loaded into the repeater or recorded locally using a PC or direct microphone input. The pre-recorded messages can be triggered by manual switches, your phone system, computer keystrokes, or automated to play at a specific time of the day. Torrence can design and install the automated messaging system to meet your exact needs, and also provide assistance with professional voice announcement recordings.


Real-time general, emergency, and security warning announcements can be generated and spoken using a Text-to-Speech solution from Torrence. Messages can originate from nurse call alerts including the room number, pre-defined text messages triggered from manual switches, text messages typed from cell phone apps, or text typed on a computer. The conversion of text to a clear, natural-sounding voice is completely automatic. The synthesized voice announcements can be sent to your paging system and also merged into an in-house video channel. Digital signage or digital message boards can be upgraded to include audio announcements to assist residents with limited sight.

Torrence has the technology and expertise to deliver a custom-designed announcement solution tailored to your exact specifications. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

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