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ALDs (Assistive Listening Devices) for Churches

Poor building acoustics can make listening difficult for anyone but particularly for the hearing impaired. Church Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) can provide hearing assistance to the hearing impaired so you can be sure no one is getting left out of hearing the pastor’s message or the other presentations during your time of worship. Hearing assistive technology can be an invaluable resource for delivering the highest intelligibility to your audience. Our professional sound system specialists can help you with hearing assistive technology that will bring sound from the source, like your pastor’s microphone, directly to the ear of the listener.

What is the difference between a hearing aid and an ALD?

Assistive listening devices are not the same thing as a hearing aid. Assistive listening devices work by isolating the sound from the source to separate it from the surrounding background noise. The distance between the speaker or sound source and the listener can also create a need for hearing assistance. Assistive listening devices help mitigate the effect of distance and help eliminate echoes.

Because of advances in hearing assistive technology, Torrence Sound can design an assistive listening device system that is compatible with personal hearing.

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Choosing the Right Assistive Listening Devices for Churches.

At Torrence Sound, our professional sound system specialists can help you understand the current options for hearing assistive technology. There are many things that need to be considered before deciding what hearing assistive technology is right for your needs. To make sure everyone gets the correct hearing assistance, consideration must be given to the environment, the room acoustics, the amount of privacy expected, and how the user will interface with the system. The four general types of ALDs are:

  • Induction loop assistive listening devices
  • FM (frequency modulation) assistive listening devices
  • IR (Infrared) assistive listening devices
  • Soundfield amplification assistive listening devices.

At Torrence Sound, our service to you will always start with a visit to your church. Torrence provides a variety of assistive listening technologies for churches. One of our Professional Sound System specialists can design one or a combination of these technologies to provide a solution that will best serve your audience or congregation.

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