Asset Tracking And Hand Hygiene Compliance Systems

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Electronic systems to locate critical equipment and supplies

Asset Tracking with RTLS

Asset Tracking Systems utilize the same sensory network infrastructure as our staff-focused RTLS systems. It’s very easy to affix an RTLS “tag” to any piece of medical equipment, including:

  • WOWs
  • Vents
  • Pumps
  • Beds
  • Wheelchairs – equipment that tends to “wander” and get lost.

Documented case studies show that missing OR equipment often delays surgery start times, and Surgery units that implement an asset tracking program can increase on-time case starts by up to 25%.

EVS will be able to locate service carts quickly, and Bio-Med will spend less time trying to find equipment scheduled for maintenance or software upgrades. Asset Tracking not only makes equipment easier for staff to locate, it helps increase equipment utilization, reduces overall capital expenditures, asset shrinkage, and can create an overall more positive care experience.

Hand Hygiene Compliance with RTLS

Combat Hospital-Acquired Infections by documenting hand hygiene compliance 24/7 with your RTLS system. With RTLS, you can measure participation with your compliance initiatives to promote a culture of safety and accountability. It’s easy for staff to participate – the RTLS badge registers when a staff member stands in front of the soap dispenser.

An investment in an RTLS system provides many opportunities to capture data that will help your organization design, measure, and improve your patient care initiatives.

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