All Saints Catholic Church

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All Saints Catholic Church

All Saints Catholic Church

Summary: All Saints Catholic Church in New Riegel, Ohio, approached Torrence Sound for an upgrade of their sound and video systems, seeking a solution that was easy for anyone to operate during simple services, yet versatile enough for more complex productions. Torrence delivered a system centered around a processor controlled by a customized touchpad and an iPad, offering modes for both simple and full control. In simple mode, liturgical microphones and devices are automatically activated with presets. For complex needs, a digital mixer installed in the balcony offers full control. The upgrade included new speakers for better coverage and sound quality, along with a video system featuring PTZ cameras, a controller, a production switcher, and projectors, enabling easy streaming of services and use of IMAG for a larger view of the altar.

Industry: Religious Facilities
Category: Audio-Visual System Upgrade
Processes: Customized Control System Development, Audio System Enhancement, Video System Installation, user Interface Design and Implementation

All Saints Catholic Church needed a sound and video system that was straightforward for everyday use but could also handle more intricate requirements for special services and productions. The challenge was to provide a system that could be easily operated by anyone, yet flexible enough for full-scale control when needed.

Torrence Sound was selected for their expertise in designing versatile audio-visual systems tailored to the specific needs of religious facilities. Their ability to create systems that are both user-friendly and capable of handling complex productions made them a perfect fit for All Saints Catholic Church.

Torrence Sound equipped the church with an audio system centered around a processor controlled by a customized touchpad and an iPad, enabling easy switching between simple and full control modes. The simple mode allows for the automatic activation of liturgical microphones and devices with preset settings, while a digital mixer in the balcony provides full control for complex productions. The speaker upgrade improved coverage, feedback control, and sound quality. Additionally, Torrence installed a comprehensive video system with PTZ cameras, a controller, a production switcher, and projectors, facilitating easy service streaming and IMAG usage.

The new systems have significantly enhanced the audio and visual experience during services, offering clarity and ease of operation. The dual-mode control system provides flexibility for various service types, improving both functionality and user experience.

The upgrades have transformed the worship experience at All Saints Catholic Church, providing a simple yet sophisticated system that meets their diverse service requirements. The ability to easily stream services and utilize IMAG has further enriched the congregation’s experience, making the church’s services more accessible and engaging.

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