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70v Public Address Systems

Public Address (PA) systems are still one of the most effective and relied upon tools in Assisted Living and Skilled Care communities for providing general announcements to residents, along with code and paging alerts to clinical and support staff. Public Address technology has evolved to meet the needs of the current assisted living environment. The traditional 70v ceiling speaker Public Address system can now include sophisticated, programmable features like:

  • Seamless connectivity with VoIP phone networks and integration with our Rauland 5000 Nurse Call system for easy overhead announcements from any desk phone or nurse call console.
  • Intelligent processors programmed with pre-recorded emergency messages that can be automated to broadcast reoccurring general announcements or critical weather alerts.
  • Virtual “Zones” mapped in software, so announcements go only to the department that needs to hear them.
  • Multiple buildings across the community (or beyond) can be combined into one network, allowing one central receptionist (or any VoIP phone) to page an individual in any building on the network.
  • Sensors on amplifiers can send an email or text when they detect a speaker failure.

IP Public Address Systems

The foremost development in Public Address technology has been integrating IP Public Address “endpoint” devices to the communities’ IP network. IP Public Address speakers on your network allow for a true mass notification system that can include phones, text messages, computer screen pop-ups, along with coordinated Public Address announcements. Imagine an automated system that directs your residents and staff to the correct exits based on where a fire alarm was pulled or a tornado alert that then directs people to the nearest safe location in your building.

For facilities with a large footprint of existing 70v ceiling speakers, we can design a hybrid system. Digital-to-analog converters receive the VOiP message/alert, which is then routed to “intelligent” 70v amplifiers that broadcast the message through existing ceiling speakers and Public Address horns. Separate IP message boards can provide scrolling text to reinforce the emergency message.

Torrence has been designing, installing, and servicing commercial PA systems for over 70 years. Our expertise in providing customized Public Address solutions for healthcare is a highly regarded service.

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