7 Benefits of Integrated Security Systems for Hospitals

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7 Benefits of Integrated Security Systems for Hospitals

7 Benefits of Integrated Security Systems for Hospitals

Hospital security is a top priority for those in charge of managing the building. Hospitals are home to confidential medical records, valuable equipment, and hundreds, maybe even thousands of staff and patients. For this reason, it’s essential to keep the property and people protected, but it can also be a complicated task. Integrated security systems can help make that protection a little bit easier. We’ve compiled a list of the top benefits of integrated security systems for hospitals to help keep them safe and secure.

1. Improved Access Control
Most hospitals already have some form of access control, but integrated security systems can help improve your access control and keep unauthorized visitors out. Most hospitals have restricted areas such as medical records rooms, medication rooms, surgery floors, research areas, and more. In these areas, one typically needs a keycard to gain access. When you include your access control system in a fully integrated security system, access control will be combined with alarms and cameras. If an unauthorized person attempts to gain access, security can be alerted immediately, either with an alarm or notification. Cameras can also be programmed to follow people who enter restricted areas, even if they are authorized, to ensure maximum protection and ideal monitoring capabilities.

2. Real-Time Monitoring
Integrating your security system allows for real time monitoring of your entire property. You can see everything at once, including multiple floors, buildings, and even your parking areas. If an issue occurs, your security team will be able to spot it quickly and react immediately, minimizing any damage. This monitoring capability also makes it easier to find a particular suspicious person in case of emergency.

3. Alarms
Alarms are important in hospitals to alert staff and visitors to different issues such as a visitor or patient going missing, a fire, or unauthorized access. In these events, an alarm or notification of some sort will typically sound. When you have an integrated security system, this alarm can trigger other security actions. Your system can immediately seal all entrances and exits, elevators, or doorways. You can also seal off a specific area of the hospital when necessary. The cameras can also help make sure the specific area or the entire property is monitored to find the threat quickly and address it.

4. Improved Efficiency
When you integrate your security system, all operations become centralized. All surveillance material can be seen from a single workstation. Your equipment will work together seamlessly. When you’re handling a more centralized system, your security system will be more efficient and easier to operate. This simplicity will lead to improved security because no one will waste time trying to operate a difficult system.

5. Data Collection
With a centralized system, it will be much easier to collect data to help improve security measures. If there are parts of the hospital that are often the subject of unauthorized access, you can address those areas. You can also figure our weak points in your security, holes in your security officer rotations, and other issues. Once you identify those weak points, you can quickly come up with a plan to address these issues. An integrated system will make it easy for you gather data that will help you identify problems that you can then address.

6. Cost Reduction
Once your system is connected, it will be cheaper for you to make upgrades. Instead of having to update each individual part of your system, you’ll be able to do a unified upgrade that will easily improve your whole system. These unified updates will save time and money. Additionally, your system will need less people to monitor it because it’s all in one workspace. This fact will save you money on administrative costs.

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