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#1 Trusted Sound – Video – Security Company in the Greater Toledo Area

Torrence followed up for my company and even called before warranties expired to make sure everything was working prior to the warranty expiration. I recommend Torrence for your longterm security and sound system needs.

– C. Tuna

They are professional and complete everything in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them.

– R. Smith

They recently did an install for my workplace. The installers Andy and Joel were fantastic! Very personable and professional and great sense of humor. They made the process easy and enjoyable.

– A. Cline

I would recommend this company to any school looking for a great sound system

– L. Carroll

Could not be happier with the services rendered by them. Outstanding job and Thank You very much from the Clyde-Green Springs Schools.

– J. Hasselbach

At Torrence Sound, we understand the need to keep your premises safe and secure. That’s why we offer the best Institutional and Commercial Security Systems when it comes to security.

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Every business has unique needs and requirements. Our knowledgeable staff can work with you to ensure your exact needs are met just like we’ve done consistently with our previous customers.

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Sound & Lighting

Whether it’s Institutional and Commercial Sound Systems for your church, background music for your retail store, or state-of-the-art sound technology for your stadium football games, Torrence Sound has you covered.



At Torrence Sound, we understand the need to keep our premises safe and secure. That’s why we offer the best Institutional and Commercial Security Systems when it comes to security.



Torrence Sound offers more than state-of-the-art Institutional and Commercial Video Systems; we also provide extensive video product installations from theater-quality projection setups to teleconference technology.



Communication is a vital part of any business or facility. At Torrence Sound, we can help your operation run smoother than ever with our Institutional and Commercial Communication Systems.

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