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Audio Systems for Churches and Houses of Worship

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Audio Systems for Churches and Houses of Worship

Audio Systems for Churches and Houses of Worship

Audio Systems for Churches and Houses of Worship

Sound Systems for Churches Respectfully Integrated into Your Worship Space.

At Torrence sound, we believe there is nothing more important than the message of your ministry. Whether your needs are for a traditional church sound system or a state of the art multimedia presentation system, Torrence sound will help you implement an audio sound system that meets your current and future needs. Technology changes constantly, but Torrence has always grown with the changes. You can count on Torrence to be there to help you select, install and maintain your church audio sound system now and in the future.

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chuch-audio-systemsAt Torrence Sound, we understand that acoustic problems come in many forms. Each worship space has its own unique design elements such as building materials, walls and ceiling heights. Each of these design elements will affect the way sound travels in the space. Some rooms may lack intelligibility of the spoken word, some may have too little or too much reverberation and some may be more adversely affected by background noise. A subjective assessment of these problems most often will yield a vague solution that, once implemented, will not work. Often, the audio equipment that may be thought a solution makes the problem worse. Taking this approach is costly in time, money and other resources. That’s why our experts at Torrence Sound will eliminate the guess work through a process of testing, measurement and prediction before we make our recommendations.

Bose LogoAt Torrence our approach is to remove the subjectivity through a series of accurate and repeatable industry standard tests. These tests provide an objective assessment of the room acoustics and the characteristics that are considered to be a problem.

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Next, we use acoustic modeling software and standard mathematical applications to predict the acoustic result of a proposed design. With existing structures, our battery of tests yields industry standard results which remove all subjectivity and guesswork from an acoustic analysis. We are then able to recommend various acoustic treatment solutions based on a project’s specific needs. This is how Torrence Sound can respectfully integrate an audio sound system into your worship space.

At Torrence Sound, we think quality is more than sound equipment. We put quality into every aspect of an audio sound system from consultation to design to installation and service.


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